I am actively involved in various projects and businesses that are committed to inspiring individuals to live their life with more intention, passion, determination and love! I am a believer in the "Law of Attraction" so I have decided to focus my attention to living well on a budget. I believe that if I practice spirituality + love + respect on a daily basis I will live a longer + happier life. These are a few of the projects that I am actively working on.


The Richard Family Legacy

Ellie Oliver Natural Body Products nourish your body from head to toe with products created with the finest ingredients from around the globe. Our gourmet body creations are produced in small batches by me, a 3rd generation descendant of Ellie and Oliver Richard, the brands’ namesakes.

Ellie Oliver Natural Body Products for the Entire Family can be purchased from me at Eastern Market located on 8th Street SE and at various events.

For more information about our amazing productions please contact me via email at malonda@lovemrs.com.

The Love, Mrs. Love Line Collection

As a curator and collector of Vintage and Designer items I am excited to share one of a kind items. The Collection is available wherever I am vending and will be online soon.

My Life Isn't Perfect But Thank God My Baby Is

In My Life Isn't Perfect But Thank God My Baby Is Malonda Richard invites her audience to act as chief witness to every aspect of her unplanned pregnancy, from the everyday activities to her innermost thoughts. Determined to bring only her most positive, loving, and evolved energy to the spirit of her growing child, Malonda steps outside herself to tell her story as an honest observer, expressing honor in having been chosen to carry what she believes will be an extraordinary human being. Lifting her eyes to appreciate the simple blessings in her life, Malonda exhibits firm determination to triumph over potentially cataclysmic life changes. Malonda's resolve to see only the best for the sake of her child provides an inspiring example for her readers, proving that there is indeed both beauty and exultation in what many would perceive as imperfection.