The Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat - DC Edition

I am so excited about this weekend because Social Media Queens - Rachel O Beauty and Ms. Vaughn TV are hosting the ORS Curls Unleashed + Creme of Nature - Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat tour and their next stop is my hometown DC! I found out about this awesome event experience via Rachel O's instagram post and I immediately wanted to be about of this movement to celebrate sisters of all hues + sizes + hair textures. I am in LOVE with the concept of celebrating all of who wear are because there so much room for LOVE + SUPPORT in our culture right now.

Here's a clip of what we can expect from Ms. Vaughn's Youtube Channel...

Here's a Sneak Peek from Rachel's Youtube Channel...

So ladies here in the DMV area...I really hope you know about this awesome event and have g your tickets. You can still get general admission tickets here.


Aren't these Queens Amazing? I am so excited about this event because I can just tell that there are going to be lots of talented + beautiful + fabulous women celebrating each other with Love + Respect + Honor. This is what I call Food 4 the Soul and I for one need + want lots of it. VIP Tickets are already SOLD OUT and I would love to meet you at this fabulous event so be sure to get your tickets before they are SOLD OUT so don't procrastinate ladies.

Live Your Life...Love Your Style!

Love, Mrs.


Malonda Richard-Sia