Designer Uche Ibezue Presents African Arts & Fashion Week DC 2015

Last Thursday I was invited to attend a panel on African Fashion as a part of African Arts & Fashion Week DC and although my schedule was full and I wasn't feeling my best I traveled to Silver Spring that evening and Lovie - I am so glad that I did because the event was so fabulous and inspirational. I had never heard of African Arts and Fashion Week but this was the second year that Designer Uche Ibezue and her staff would produce this much needed experience and I am glad to finally be in the know because we know that I LOVE all things African + Fashion + Fabulous.

I had the chance to listen + meet + discuss all things African with designers + panelists + fashionistas about how we can work together to support and share African Fashion on a global scale. This initiative is important to me so I believe that destiny wanted + needed me to be in that room with those amazing women from around the world. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE the African aesthetic and include it as a staple in my fashion wardrobe so the panel was in alignment with mission to support + share African fashion with the world. 

After the panel I was able to meet the woman behind the initiative, the talented fashion designer Uche Ibezue and it was clear from everything that she said on the panel and in our discussion that she is committed to sharing African fashion with as many individuals and corporations as possible. Beautiful + Striking + Intelligent + Strong...Uche is clear about her vision + purpose and she is committed with every inch of her tall frame. I was inspired by her passion and let her know that I wanted to support her by being apart of the Fashion Runway Night at the Embassy of Nigeria so when she invited me as press I jumped at the opportunity to be apart of what I could tell was going to be a fabulous evening of fashion + fun + power hence the theme - "Fashion Meets Power."

Deciding to go to such a fabulous event at the last minute can be a challenge so this is why every fashionista must have fabulous pieces in her closet at all times. I was prepared so no worries about having something fabulous to wear. The biggest challenge that I face when I attend an event where I am Press is figuring out how I can look fabulous with the reality that I will be working on my feet with heavy equipment for hours. To be quite honest most of the time I dress super casual but I wanted to look amazing as a guest in the Embassy of Nigeria so I pulled out this fabulous Vintage Couture dress and I must say that I looked and felt fabulous plus it was so comfortable to work in too! My ensemble was a hit at the event and I was asked to be interviewed by several media outlets and I was asked to take lots of pictures with guests and other members of the press. It was a beautiful night with fashion + entertainment and I even managed to capture a few fabulous images from the Fashion Show and some video footage too (see youtube video below).

Collect pieces that will ensure that you stand  out from the crowd.

Collect pieces that will ensure that you stand  out

from the crowd.

The event was hosted by the talented Dwight Eubanks of the Real Housewives of Atlanta pictured here with one of the members of the press.

Designer and Producer Uche Ibezue pictured 3rd from the left with African leaders and Industry leaders was stunning in her own design.

The Press was in the House doing interviews with African leaders + designers + industry leaders.

The Press was in the House doing interviews with African leaders + designers + industry leaders.

African Arts and Fashion Week DC 2015 was a huge success and I look forward to watching as this initiative becomes global. I would be remiss if I did not mention the food that was served....I LOVED it and went back for thirds which is not like me so much love to the chef for sharing her talent with us. Thanks for having me was such a privilege to be in the house, I am so proud to be apart of this much needed movement.

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