My Quest to Live a Holistic Life

My health and wellness journey aka my quest to live a holistic life began while I was in college in Santa Fe, New Mexico because of the spiritual nature of the way many people live there. I was exposed to the health food store: Wild Oats at a time when health food stores were not in Vogue. I was also introduced to environmental issues + information on global warming + the vegetarian lifestyle + so much more while living there.

My journey took a dramatic turn in the summer of 1999 Stephen Hill, the VP of Music for Black Entertainment Television hired me to be the Television Host of Out the Box, a 3-D alternative music show. I was excited to be in front of the camera after working my way up from intern to production assistant to producer / editor I was now going to have the chance to interview celebrities + up and coming artists from around the world. I wanted to be ready in every way {Mind + Body + Soul} so I made a plan to live a more holistic + organic life and the universe support my desire. I read books on self-love + personal development + discovered guru Paramahansa Yogananda + read Heal Thyself by Queen Afua + learned about alternative healing modalities + practiced meditation on a regular basis.

I was on my way and I was aware {conscious} that my spirit was attracting all kinds of things to me that were assisting me on the journey towards living a more holistic life. My life changed a great deal after a meeting with a holistic practitioner named Susan who practiced Iridology. I had never heard of Iridology {study of the iris to determine systemic health + more} before but I was intrigued by the concept that my health could be explained through my eyes. I went to Susan's office in Greenbelt, Maryland and she took pictures of my eyes + talked with me about living a more holistic life. She gave me recommendations on how to eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle + told me to come back in 2 weeks to get more detailed information on my health.

2 weeks later I was back in Susan's office and I was in awe of all of the information that she told me about my body + health + the ways that I could improve my life. The information that I received from Susan on Food Combining really changed the way that I ate. Out of all of the things that I have learned along the way Food Combining {The Art of Eating Foods that Digest} is still the most amazing system to me. I stopped eating Fast Food + Beef + Traditional sandwiches + Dairy + More and my skin glowed + I lost extra pounds + feel lighter and stronger.

Susan recommended that I read actress Marilu Henner's Book: Total Health Makeover and I was hooked. Marilu was passionate about healthy living and her book clearly + simply explained the fundamentals of Food Combining + Weight Loss + More.



Fast forward 16 years later and so much has changed in my life. First off, I am a Mom + Wife and I am not entrenched in my career like I used to be. I eat Fast Food from time to time + I don't always food combine and my health is just not as great as it should been. Over the past 16 years I have not been consistent when it comes the Holistic Life that I desire to live but I have continued to eat healthy + juice + exercise from time to time. I know a great deal about what I should + could do but I have yet to be consistent on a holistic level. I realize that the reason that I have not been consistent is that I have not been disciplined + focused. It takes a great deal of energy to change your Mind + Body + Soul {Spirit}. I am in a place right now where I know that I have to do better so I am reclaiming my Life. I am excited about detoxing and getting rid of toxins + extra pounds and today I am going to spend some time mapping out how I am going to do it.

As the old school adage states: "When you know better you have to do better," so honestly Lovie...I have no excuse about why I can't do what is necessary to live my life with Holistic Intentions. I have everything that I need to continue on this amazing journey and more than likely you do too. So let's do it....let's "Live Our Life and Love Our Style." I am making a commitment to begin this journey b forgiving myself + loving myself more. I promise to be gentle with myself and to eat foods that will nourish my cells and feed my spirit.

I would love to know what things you will be doing so let me know via email or in the comments below.

Once I became clear about all of the benefits of food combining I made it my business to follow the guidelines for many years.

Ciara Shines in Roberto Cavalli Fall 2015 Campaign: Ciara's Kingdom

Ciara Shines in Roberto Cavalli Fall 2015 Campaign: Ciara's Kingdom

Have you seen those fabulous images of Ciara on the internet dressed in head to toe Roberto Cavalli? These pictures are Bold + Stunning + Feminine + Sexy + Fierce!!!! Yes for this collaboration. I love Roberto Cavalli and have been a fan for quite some time now. I have been rocking Cavalli shades for over a decade because they make me feel like a Fashion Super Hero.

Check out Ciara's Kingdom from Cavalli's YouTube channel below:

The Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat - DC Edition

I am so excited about this weekend because Social Media Queens - Rachel O Beauty and Ms. Vaughn TV are hosting the ORS Curls Unleashed + Creme of Nature - Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat tour and their next stop is my hometown DC! I found out about this awesome event experience via Rachel O's instagram post and I immediately wanted to be about of this movement to celebrate sisters of all hues + sizes + hair textures. I am in LOVE with the concept of celebrating all of who wear are because there so much room for LOVE + SUPPORT in our culture right now.

Here's a clip of what we can expect from Ms. Vaughn's Youtube Channel...

Here's a Sneak Peek from Rachel's Youtube Channel...

So ladies here in the DMV area...I really hope you know about this awesome event and have g your tickets. You can still get general admission tickets here.


Aren't these Queens Amazing? I am so excited about this event because I can just tell that there are going to be lots of talented + beautiful + fabulous women celebrating each other with Love + Respect + Honor. This is what I call Food 4 the Soul and I for one need + want lots of it. VIP Tickets are already SOLD OUT and I would love to meet you at this fabulous event so be sure to get your tickets before they are SOLD OUT so don't procrastinate ladies.

Live Your Life...Love Your Style!

Love, Mrs.


Malonda Richard-Sia


Hello Sunshine...Vintage Meets Modern Lookbook #1

Hello Sunshine...Vintage Meets Modern Lookbook #1

I bought this Vintage 1960's circa Nightgown from one of my favorite dealers last year and transformed it into a fabulous modern day dress ensemble. I have worn this on a few different occasions (formal + informal) and men + women have give me loads of compliments on how amazing it looks. I love how beautiful + sexy + feminine I feel when I wear her (yes I call my clothes her #noshame).

You too can update Vintage pieces and transform them into magical fashion statements by adding the correct accessories. For this look I added some of my original jewelry designs paired with Indian Male Wedding shoes called Majori's and finished up the ensemble with Vintage Emmanuelle Khanh sunglasses for the finishing touch. Check out my look book to see how I updated this stylish Vintage Nightgown and check out my Hello Sunshine...Look book Video below.

Photography + Styling + Editing by me aka Love, Mrs.

The Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat is coming to DC on May 30th

Calling all sisters with Natural + Relaxed Hair + Extensions...the Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat is coming to DC with a mission to celebrate what makes us unique and fabulous. Curls Unleased ORS and Creme of Nature are sponsoring this fusion event for fashionistas from all "hairs" of life so it doesn't matter if you wear your hair natural or rock wigs on the regular this event is for all of us. The Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat is about us celebrating the beauty that we all embody and I am excited to be one of the VIP Bloggers that will be on board for this powerful session.